Human Resources

As I promised, today I will present three new friends who I’ve not yet added to this blog, but that are vital to understanding all of my stories. Here they are:

Purce – He’s known as “the fat man”, for his enduring hunger and his fury in pounce on the food. He’s a good guy even if he’s a bit ‘with his head in the clouds. He’s one of the few in our group not to have a passion for video games, but in despite of this, he has not yet tried the sexual experience. Our goal is to find him a woman. 20 years old

Fra – is the “Viking junior”. He’s a first class nerd, but that’s not what make him famous. His specialties are the pick-up phrases that he proposes to use whit women. His little dream is to have a giant war hammer to kill everyone that he dislikes. 20 years old

Gibbo – He’s the jester of the group. He’s crazy, full of obsessions and bizarre ideas. He consider himself something like a philosopher or a guru, but he’s a total lunatic, always ready to do anything stupid. However, when needed, he knows how to be a serious and reliable person, and he’s always willing to help others. He thinks he’s a great driver, but he has already destroyed a car. 22 years


One Response to “Human Resources”

  1. I’m a fu**ing Guru!!! A fu**ing Jester Guru… I like that! I say a lot of phisolophic thinghs, i don’t think that, the evidence say that XD… But Yeaaah i’m a full moon men, with a lot of obsessions…

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