Birthday Night – Part One

Last Friday we celebrated my twentieth birthday. We spent the Friday night in my hometown waiting for midnight. Then we went to “Dresscode”, a disco near Pisa. The funny thing about this birthday is that we were all suited. I’ll not write much about that night because of the alcohol, but I’ll post some photos of us. I’ll post more photos when i get them from my friends.

I start with the cake, a huge 5 kilos croissant with 3 kilos of chocolate. Eating it was a shocking experience for all except for snoopfella who ate it like a sandwich. We thought of taking the diabetes just looking at it.
Birthday Cake

The baker told us that this cake is meant to be eaten by 30 people. We ate it in 10.

During the evening we visited many pubs and bars. In one of these called “Lo Sfizio” We made some photos, even if our faces were severely tested by the many bottles of Prosecco.
Purce Me Fra

From left to right: Purce, Viralj (Me), Fra

And when finally the Scotch arrived not only our view but also the photos started to fade
Gibbo Me Snoopfella

From left to right: Gibbo, Viralj (me), Snoopfella.

It was a good night after all, especially the disco part although i don’t remember much of that. As soon as i can I’ll add more photos of this night, so come check the blog. See you soon with more news and stuff.


3 Responses to “Birthday Night – Part One”

  1. che omaccioni! such a fine group of young intellectuals, refined and very calm and thoughtful I had never seen overlook this useless land .. compliments 😉

  2. Prosecco. . make your party. . THE PARTY!

    For Alice:

    Intellectuals?Where ?

    (Sszark is looking around)

    I see only Drunk people!

  3. We are lovely guy

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